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Episode 25: Phil Schneider & The Underground

July 10, 2024 Episode 25
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Hello, hello, and thanks for tuning in. In tonight's episode, I will be talking about the documentary film The Underground, which is about Phil Schneider. I didn't recognize his name just hearing it, but once I started watching this documentary a few minutes in, I thought, Okay, this story is starting to sound familiar to me. As of this recording, it is available to watch free of charge on Tubi. I'll give you the same disclaimer I usually give. I don't have any control over what's available or isn't in the future. So by the time this is published, or if you're listening to it, a year or two down the road, it may still not be available. Can't do anything about that. Pour yourself up a frosty beverage of choice, and we will explore the underground. The film opens up with various clips and news stories about military spending, and we also see an RT report about unaccounted for money spent by the Pentagon, along with this question of, what is the Pentagon's black budget used for? I have questions about that myself, going all the way back to February 13 of this year, over on the conspiracy theories blog for this podcast, I wrote the article, Where does this money go? Because there was roughly $2.3 trillion that became unaccounted for prior to September one, one. Then we also read about $1 billion of weapons going missing in the Ukraine. And it's like, Hmm, where does this missing money go? What happens to a billion dollars worth of weaponry. It doesn't just vanish off the face of the earth, right? I mean, something fishy is going on here. So now in the documentary, from stage left, enter Phil Schneider. He says that he spent 17 years in black budget programs. He's a government geologist and structural engineer. He claims that he was part of building another base inside of Dolce, New Mexico, aka Los Alamos Laboratory. He also talks about dumbs, D, U, M, B's, deep underground military bases. Now, he says that when he was at Dolce, he saw green and black berets intermingled with just regular folk in the geologist camp. He says that he was lowered down in a bucket to be a human observer after blasts were conducted to clear out rocks for making tunnels, apparently, like they would put equipment and things down there, and the equipment would come back snarled up, and they're like, what would be doing that? So he gets to go down in this bucket to try to figure out what's the problem. He says that he saw a seven foot tall gray alien, and smelled a terrible stench. He says that he drew a weapon and killed two aliens. He also says that he was hit by a beam from one of the aliens, and it caused all of his toenails to fall out. He says that 66 Secret Service agents, Green Berets and black berets, all lost their lives that day. He also claims that there is an underground alien war, and he thinks that aliens have been in camp down there for four to 500 years. He also says that an alien named valiant Thor has been working for the Pentagon for at least the past 58 years. And as I was sitting there thinking about that, I was like, well, that name sounds vaguely familiar to me. Now I will wholly admit, generally speaking, I'm terrible with names. I'm the kind of person that somebody walks up and they say, Hi, my name's John Doe, and within five minutes, I've forgotten what they said. I never forget a face. And I'm also really good with directions. They're cities that I haven't been to in years, but I still remember directions to the hotel. I still remember how to get around the airport. I mean, my brain is really good with imagery like that, but with names, forget it. Yet somehow I remembered this term valiant Thor. And I'm like, Where have I heard that before? So I googled it, and then it came up that valiant Thor was a character on American Horror Story, Death Valley. I'm like, that's who it was I remember now, and it actually inspired me to go back and re watch Death Valley. There's only four episodes part of that American Horror Story. It was called double feature, and the first part of it was about these, like crazy vampire type people, creatives, that get hooked on this drug that turns them into vampires. But if you're not creative, and you take the drug, you turn into a hairless Nosferatu. That was crazy, but then the second half of it is like conspiracy theories around alien technology and how the government has known about this for years, like starting with the Eisenhower. Illustration, and valiant Thor was one of the characters. So I intend, in a future episode to talk about that particular series in American Horror Story. And so Phil Schneider produces this photograph from August of 1943 where he says, valiant Thor is in the photo. Phil claims that most people involved in such black budget projects have been suicided, and they offer up as an example, Ronald Rummel, who published the alien digest, but then he allegedly died by suicide in an Oregon Park. Ron Rummel is purported to be an ex Air Force intelligence agent, and of course, he published the alien digest, and he dies in August of 1993 Phil Schneider, meanwhile, is found dead in his apartment in 1996 we're told in the documentary that at first it's ruled unknown cause of death, but then we Learn that he was strangled by a catheter hose, which is a very odd thing for a supposed suicide. I mean, why would somebody choose to go that way? We're told that Phil had been dead for three or four days, once he's found Okay, here we go. Kelsey pries, His death is ruled a suicide. So Supposedly he kills himself by strangling himself with this catheter hose, and then his face is face down in his own wheelchair. Again. That seems like a really weird way for somebody to go about it. I mean, I'm not naive. I know that there are some people not saying that. Phil Schneider was one of them, to be emphatically clear, I know there's some people that get into the auto erotic asphyxiation stuff. Sometimes people take that kind of behavior too far and it kills them. Nevertheless, to me, this just seems like a very weird set of circumstances, okay, but then in his obituary that's printed in the newspaper. We're told that he died of a stroke at the age of 48 so all the way around, this is an odd death. Phil's daughter said that samples from the autopsy were unavailable when she asked for them. Richard Dolan, who's the author of many UFO related books, brings up Frank Olson. He talks about how Olson was dosed with LSD and then jumped, we're using air quotes here, jumped out of a window. And he asked the question, had Olson become a security risk? So I'm going to take a temporary diversion here and go over to Frank Olson's Wikipedia page. Frank Olson was an American bacteriologist, biological warfare scientist and an employee of the United States Army biological warfare laboratories, USB, WL, who worked at Camp Dietrich now Fort Detrick in Maryland. At a meeting in rural Maryland, he was covertly dosed with LSD by his colleague, Sidney Gottlieb. I'm just going to stop there for a second and say Sidney Gottlieb really needs to be his own episode or sets of episodes, because, holy shitballs. Y'all by his colleague, Sidney Gottlieb, head of the Charlie India alphas MK Ultra program, and nine days later, plunged to his death from the window of the hotel Statler in New York. The US government first described his death as a suicide and then as misadventure, while others allege murder, the Rockefeller commission report on the Charlie India alpha in 1975 acknowledged they're having conducted covert drug studies on fellow agents. Olson's death is one of the most mysterious outcomes of the Charlie India Alpha mind control project, MK Ultra. End quote. Honestly, just that whole paragraph that could be, and probably should be, its own separate episode at some point, because when you start getting into the experimentation with LSD, that could be one, what was actually going on with MK Ultra, that could be another. What was actually going on with the Rockefeller commission, that could be another. And then the fact that this guy was involved in biological warfare and then dies under mysterious circumstances.



I mean, there's a lot to unpack there. That's the funny thing about these stories is it's like one rabbit hole has a tendency to lead to another and then down to another. A man named Colonel x, in this documentary, claims that Phil Schneider was telling the truth. But of course, we don't know this is sort of like the character of Mr X in Oliver Stone's movie JFK. We're told later that allegedly that was L Fletcher Prouty. But I mean, in this documentary, we don't know who Colonel x was, just somebody that turns up and calling himself Colonel X claims that Phil Schneider was telling the truth. We're also shown some footage of Archuleta Mesa, where some residents say they've seen weird paranormal happenings. I will drop a link to an article on K, O, A, T TV website, where you can go back through their video vault and hear residents of Dolce. New Mexico, which they're right around the this Archuleta Mesa area, saying that they've seen UFOs paranormal phenomenon, even Bigfoot. We also hear talk about weird cattle mutilations that are taking place in this area. So the question becomes, did Schneider hear the tales of other people and then concoct his own story. According to Schneider's ex wife, Schneider's own father had worked for NATO. Now I'm gonna say, I feel like this is where some shit gets real. This is where some shit gets weird. And I think in this, just my opinion, okay, highly editorial comment here. I feel like, even if we set aside all of the weird stuff about aliens and underground warfare, and is there this weird alien character named valiant Thor that for real existed, sent all of that stuff to the side, once we start learning about this dude, Oscar Schneider, it's a bit of a holy shit moment for me. I was a little bit like when you take away all the rest of it, when you assume that valiant Thor and The aliens and all of that could just be window dressing. It seems to me like the real story here might just be this, Oscar dude. So we're told that Phil Schneider's father, who was this auto Oscar Schneider, was a U boat captain in Hitler's Navy, and that he was captured by the French and turned over to the US. He was then repatriated to the US, and Schneider says that his father helped to build the USS Nautilus. We're also told that Oscar Schneider was involved in secret government projects and Black Ops. Oscar Schneider had documents that might prove that the Philadelphia Experiment was real. Again, I feel like we're getting into territory of this really could be and should be its own separate episode. I'm going to hop over to the Wikipedia page for the Philadelphia Experiment. The Philadelphia Experiment was an alleged event claimed to have been witnessed by an ex merchant mariner named Carl M Allen at the United States Navy's Philadelphia Naval Shipyard in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, sometime around October 28 1943 Allen described an experiment where the US Navy attempted to make a destroyer escort class ship, the USS Eldridge, disappear, and the bizarre results that followed. The story first surfaced in late 1955 When Allen sent a book full of handwritten annotations referring to the experiment to a US Navy research organization, and a little later, a series of letters making further claims to a UFO book writer Alan's account of the event is widely understood to be a hoax. Several different and sometimes contradictory versions of the alleged experiment have circulated over the years in paranormal literature and popular movies. The US Navy maintains that no such experiment was ever conducted, that the details of the story contradict well established facts about the USS Eldridge, and that the physics the experiment is claimed to be based on are nonexistent. End quote, If we jump over to we read witnesses claim an eerie green, blue glow surrounded the hull of the ship as her generators spun up, and then suddenly, the Eldridge disappeared. The ship was then seen in Norfolk Naval Shipyard in Virginia, just before disappearing again and reappearing back in Philadelphia. The Legend states the classified military documents reported that the Eldridge crew were affected by the events in disturbing ways. Some went insane, others developed mysterious illness, but others were still said to have been fused together, with the ship still alive, but with limbs sealed to the metal. That'll give you nightmares. That's some event horizon shit right there. End quote. You have the feeling that that's gonna have to be its own separate episode. I'm I'm curious to learn more about what exactly happened there. Okay, so we're told, getting back now to Phil Schneider and Oscar Schneider, we're told that there was an autopsy on a crew member that had allegedly been in the Philadelphia Experiment. So what's going on here is that, in the documentary, we're told that, after Oscar died, Phil and the ex wife were going through the basement and found a whole bunch of papers, like things that, in actuality, he probably shouldn't have been keeping in his personal possession. So as they're going through these documents, that's when they're discovering these things that might prove that the Philadelphia Experiment was real. There's also a letter in his personal effects. This letter is to Nathan twining, who was a United States Air Force General. He was the Chief of Staff of the US Air Force from 1953 until 57 and then he was the third Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff from 1957 to 1960 and in this letter, Schneider says that J Edgar Hoover wanted all personnel involved. Help to undergo psychological testing, and they flash these documents up on the screen. I know, in fairness to the argument, let's say they could be fake. They could be flashing up falsified documents. I get it. I'm just, I'm relaying to you what was in the documentary. There is another letter that is addressed to Edward Condon, the physicist. So Edward Condon was an American nuclear physicist, and he was at least briefly part of the Manhattan Project. This letter claims that people involved in the Philadelphia Experiment had escaped from a psych ward. There's another letter that references something called Project Blue Sky. Phil Schneider's ex wife says that she has information about where he worked and how he was paid under a false social security number. He had worked for Morrison Knudsen and Trojan nuclear by the early 1980s his career had ended and he was injured. The ex wife claims that he had memory problems and was on medication. But then once he got off the medications and got better medical care, he started to remember, again, I'm using air quotes here, he started to remember these things he had been taking seizure medications that actually caused him to have seizures. Oscar died, and then his basement had these unbelievable documents in it, we see on a high school transcript that Phil Schneider's IQ was reported as being 163 Richard Dolan talks about reptilian theories and various societies that think aliens or other creatures live inside The Earth. The whole matter about weird Nazi Occult beliefs the Thule Society, these could all be their own separate episodes, basically, in a nutshell, like if we go over to the Wikipedia page for the Thule Society, we read a primary focus of the Thule Society was a claim concerning the origins of the Aryan race in 1917 people who wanted to join the Germanic order out of which the Thule Society developed in 1918 had to sign a special blood declaration of faith concerning their lineage. And they quote now from that the signer hereby swears, to the best of his knowledge and belief that no Jewish or colored blood flows in either his or in his wife's veins, and that among their ancestors are no members of the colored races. End quote, so that's awful. We also have another commentator on this documentary named Richard Sauder, who claims that underground and undersea bases exist, and he points out the tote organization in Nazi Germany. So here we go, another reference back to the creepy occult practices of the Nazis. So I will hop over now to the organization tote Wikipedia page. Organization tote was a civil and military engineering organization in Nazi Germany from 1933 to 1945 named for its founder, Fritz Todt, an engineer and senior member of the Nazi Party. The organization was responsible for a huge range of engineering projects, both in Nazi Germany and in occupied territories, from France to the Soviet Union during the Second World War, the organization became notorious for using forced labor from 1943 until 1945 during the late phase of the Third Reich ot administered all constructions of concentration camps to supply forced labor to industry. End quote. so Richard sauter says paperclip memos mentioned Xavier Dorsch by name, and he was wanted by the US to work on underground plants. So this guy, Franz Xaver Dorsch, I think I may have mispronounced it a minute ago. I think it's Xavier, not Xavier. He was a German civil engineer who became the chief engineer of the organization tote, a civil and military engineering group in Nazi Germany that was responsible for a huge range of engineering projects at home and in the territories occupied by the Germans during the Second World War, he played a leading role in many of the third Reich's biggest engineering projects, including the construction of the Siegfried Line, the Atlantic Wall, and numerous other fortifications in Germany and occupied Europe following the war, he founded the Dorsch consul consulting engineering company in Wiesbaden. End quote. Richard Souder also talks about an alleged Nazi hideout that was found underground in Argentina, even if we stop just right here, like there seems to be a lot of weird Nazi connections to all this. I mean, we have Oscar Schneider and we have Phil saying that Oscar had been involved in Hitler's Navy and is then repatriated, from what I can tell looking online, I mean, all of that appears to be legitimately true. I don't think any of that's a conspiracy theory. And then now we're getting these names about the tote organization, and this is Xavier Dorsch, secret Nazi. Hideout underground in Argentina. The thing of it is, we know that there were Nazis that made it to Argentina, and these weird little expat communities down there where it's mostly Germans, and swastikas are really not outlawed in those areas. So it's creepy, right? It's just, it's creepy. He also talks about how some of these bases are said to be 10 or even 14 miles underground. They use nuclear powered drills for making the tunnels. We're told that there are bases in locations like under the Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado, a FEMA base under Mount Weather in Virginia, a site R complex that's underground area 51 there are areas underground for the November Sierra alpha in Laurel, Maryland, that house supercomputers. There are also underground facilities at Los Alamos and Camp David. We're told that Bechtel created underground facilities in Saudi Arabia, and that the Chinese have built underground tunnels for their nuclear arsenal. So the interviewer asks this Richard guy, well, what's the point? Things like secrecy, protection, national security, weapon storage, something else that Richard mentions is scientific research facilities that are under the ground. And I started thinking about RFK Jr's book about the Wuhan cover up and the bio weapons arms race. And I'm like, that is also terrifying, if you think about scientific research facilities, like, what are they researching down there? And then the link that some of these people have had to the bio weapons side of the military industrial complex, what are they brewing up down there, and Richard talks about things like communication, command and control, when he said that, it made me think of that whole ecomcon thing in Seven Days in May, like this secret military unit at a secret Texas base that's going to take control of the country when There's the military coup. So again, like, even if only a fraction of, a fraction of this is true, which I would say, exclude seven foot tall alien men and some kind of battle that happened under the earth, if we just start to say, well, perhaps there are these weird underground bases. And what the hell are they doing down there? That's creepy. And as the narrator of the documentary and Richard are talking, they mention this idea that it becomes a shell game of who works for who and what did they do, because the names of these companies and their corporate alliances change, the black budget sidesteps Congress and the public is not allowed to know. Phil starts warning his audiences about alien takeovers, and then we come back to Richard Dolan. Have humans and aliens work together? Has the US gotten technology from these beings? Would an alien race automatically be kind and coming in peace? That definitely made me think of American Horror Story, Death Valley. I was like, I've got to go back and rewatch this and do an episode or two about it, because that's part of the conspiracy theory narrative of those episodes, is that, yes, outer space aliens did show up on Earth, and yes, we have a treaty with them. Certain agreements have been made and they give us their technology. Like, why do you think that there have been all of these weird, very fast advances in technology over the past 50 to 60 years? Isn't just out of random coincidence. Do we get modern reports that correspond with ancient ideas of other worldly beings? We are told that Phil had a proven work history. But of course, we don't know if what he claims is true. So in other words, we can go back through a paper trail and verify that he did work for the companies he claims that he worked for. He did have the credentials that he claims that he had, as far as having a battle with seven foot tall aliens, and maybe they've been there for four to 500 years. And there's this character named valiant Thor that actually works for the Pentagon. Decide for yourself what you make of all that. I really think you know. And I'm not trying to disparage people that believe in outer space aliens or UFOs or anything like that. I feel like for me, there's a whole other rich and interesting story here about what the hell was going on with Oscar Schneider and the Philadelphia Experiment. Why are there all these weird ties to Nazi Germany? All of a sudden, that shit, for me, is a horror story. I need to talk at some point about the book gray wolf and the theory that Hitler didn't actually die in the Fuhrer bunker that day, but instead escaped to Argentina and went on and lived his life. You want to talk about nightmare fuel. Then you start thinking about the other Nazis that escaped. Then you look into the Charlie India alpha and Allen Dulles and the Nazi rat lines paper clip, and you learn that the Soviets had. Their own opera via him. So all of their propaganda about beating fascism, well, they took Nazis too. Then you go down the rabbit hole of unit 731, and you find out that a lot of those bastards never saw justice, and the United States co opted, some of them. I mean, ah, this is the stuff, absolutely that nightmares are made of 100% so I think there are some interesting details about this story, even apart from deep underground bases and valiant Thor and seven foot tall aliens. For some people, that's a high level of interest to them, the idea that there might be weird aliens living under the surface, and what the hell are they doing down there? For me, in a more practical sense, I'm like, Well, wait a minute, what the hell's going on with all these Nazis? Why did we import them? Why were they expatriated over here or repatriated over here? And then what all did they do? Oh, it's freaky, super freaky, as I said at the beginning. Available free to watch as of this recording on Tubi, check it out. I think it's about an hour long. Come to your own conclusions. Stay a little crazy, and I will see you in the next episode.


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